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Please note: You must be a licensed store front dealer in order to receive Camfour's PC Gun software. To request your copy, click here.

What is PC Gun?
PC Gun is a PC based software information system that can help you be more productive and profitable. PC Gun was developed by Camfour's Information Services department in 1985, and was the first program of its kind in the firearms industry. This product has been continually enhanced over the years, and today is still your best source for product information!

Thousands of Items at your fingertips!
PC Gun gives you access to Camfour's complete inventory. It allows you to easily search for or list items in your system. You can access extended information on many items, so your sales clerks can stay informed and talk confidently with your customers. You can build an order on your computer, and press a button to transmit it to Camfour when you are ready. Bar-coding capabilities allow you to look up an item by scanning the UPC code.

Eliminate Receiving Errors!
This software allows you to attach a comment line to an item. So when a customer orders an item, you can attach a comment "Bill Smith: Tel 555-1234 $50 dep., $250 due". Now when the merchandise shows up at your store, your receiving clerk knows exactly who the item is for, and can take appropriate action. This comment line will appear on your packing list/invoice, right underneath the item.

No surprises.
When you transmit an order to Camfour anytime day or night, you will receive an order confirmation, which tells you exactly what items are in stock, the price, serial numbers on firearms, and estimated shipping charges. The confirmation also includes a summary of UPS packages in transit or recently delivered to your store. Your order is then filled and shipped. During the shipping process, your order is electronically scanned for accuracy, ensuring that you get exactly what you ordered.

The information in your computer is updated by pressing two keys. Your system will connect to Camfour's main computer toll free, and will be updated with current pricing, promotions, new & discontinued items, and stock availability.

Extra Benefits!
Camfour's PC Gun software also includes a bound book program, which allows you to track the acquisition and disposition of all your firearms. Many dealers have sought and received a bound book variance from the ATF, and are using this system instead.

Put PC Gun on your personal computer!

  • Make product information more accessible to your sales staff
  • Have instant access to Camfour's large shooting inventory
  • Place orders toll free, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Buy like the big chains...only what you need, when you need it
  • Utilize technical efficiency to take the hassle out of buying
  • Free your sales personnel to spend more time with customers
  • Save time, money and unnecessary inventory carrying costs
  • Benefit from Camfour's same day/next day shipping policy
  • Participate in special pricing and free freight programs available only to PC Gun dealers
  • See updated promotions & specials on your computer

For almost 50 years, Camfour has been committed to the independent store-front dealer. Our geographic location in close proximity to many major firearms manufacturers helps keep our prices competitive, and ensures that product gets to you quickly.

PC Gun System Requirements:

  • W98 or newer operating system (No W95 systems please - too old/slow)
  • Pentium II, 400 Mhz processor (or better)
  • 64 Meg Ram
  • CD Drive
  • 100 meg free hard disk space to install (program
    uses about 50 meg)
  • 56k dialup modem (or internet connection - DSL, Cable, T1, Etc.)

Try PC Gun risk free in your store!
If your business is located in the continental United States, and you're interested in trying PC Gun, click here to request your copy.