Camfour Sales Staff

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Chris Cappa
Phone: 413-564-2357


John Collier
Phone: 413-564-2374


Carl Deprey
Phone: 413-564-2375

Eric Dupont
Phone: 413-564-2396

Jim Meuse
Phone: 413-564-2378

Terry Regan
Phone: 413-564-2376

Angela Simpson
Phone: 208-454-9245

Jim Douglass
Phone: 413-564-2314


Xanth Veilleux
Phone: 413-234-2326

Chris Gauffin
Phone: 413-564-2323

Dave Gilbert
Phone: 413-564-2311

Greg Royse
Phone: 413-564-2360

Scott Ficarra
Phone: 413-642-2663

Elaine Clifton
Phone: 413-564-2365

Justin Branham
Phone: 413-564-2328

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